" love is a crap capital conspiracy of bullshit forced by the green spirit in you... "
       this a tribute page for my dearest girlfriend because she is so cool and sweet and pretty. she knows she deserves this. it's sort of cool to have an intimate relationship with her and i can't get much cooler without her. she's sort of someone who is totally different from me and i'm so lucky about that as i believe that one and one makes two. it has been a solid 6 years now since we re-coupled again but you won't believe if i say that it has been 15 years since i first met her when we both were 7. this girl is one in a million. 
     i like what she know and what she like to show me and i have no doubt about it because i wanna be wherever she might wanna go. i'm not that kind of yesteday mood swing serious or like any lovesick jerk or a lovestruck pyscho pathetic. all that doesn't matter because i wouldn't trade her for the world.  
and noorzie, this is for you.
snapshot 1
snapshot 2
snapshot 3
snapshot 4
snapshot 5
snapshot 6
the things i've done for you many paper cards i made for you the books i've read for you the tongues i've bitten for you many a new city for you many risk taken for you (not a single regret)