she loves sheila majid. i know that from the first moment i know her.  
she always tell me about how sheila majid is beautiful and all that. i  
mean she is totally obsessed by her. she try her best to be at the sheila  
majid's concert several times and she also met her in person once or  
twice. and she was excited when she was somewhat appeared in the  
newspaper with the singer herself. and she kept mentioning it to me.  
     well, and who knows if probably one day she'll be on TV and by that  
time i'll probably be working at Nestle Foods you know, playing  
warehouses and hanging around places like the cyber cafe screaming that  
i use to know her and she'll be in the lights and all beautiful and shit.  
    maybe i should join her next time so that i can be on TV as well. yeah,  
whatever. and yes, i have to pay for the ticket, i guess.