here i am feel floating on the sea
i wish to write this thing so sweetly
i hope that you will understand
that i was never trying to pretend
all the so-called me and the sign
about you, about me and sort of kind.

from the first smile on your face
 i know that you are the best place
for me to talk, to laugh and to smile
and i just love you schoolgirl style
you always have been so cute
people goes excited but you stay mute.

and i like that sort of things
that no one could ever bring
we don't have nothing in commons
you like shiela majid and i love gin blossoms
but there were brokens in the middle
with nail and hammer we put it back together.

so many things we have shared
we just like " i don't mind, you don't care"
i know you've been sad when i've been bad
but i'd like to make you cards from paper bag
and now i'm thousand miles away
and i have my fingers crossed everyday
to see you again at dave's deli
with those chicken roast and spaghetti.