i don't have a chance to watch " Reality Bites " in the theatres when it came out in 1994. but i've seen the poster in the magazine and that's how i know about the movie. unfortunately this movie never came out in the local theatres cause ...well... you know, all those goverment rule... you know...   the Gen X  label some might say but when i came to south korea in 1997, i was trying to find the home video for this movie but i could not find one. but i bought the soundtrack but i used to not like this soundtrack. after a couple months.... i finally i got a chance to rent the vidoe. the first time i watched it i know this movie i really have a sense of ' real life '. i totally amazed by those genius script.
      then, i bougth the video and since then, i have re-watched around once a month or everytime i feel like i need to gains some spirits. The more i watch it, the more i am amazed at how well this movie has crystallized some of my fears and views on life, not to mention the fact that it is one of my all-time favorite realistically romantic movies. when i see it at the first 30 minutes, i didn't think i would like it. and i didn't think much of the acting skills of winona ryder and ethan hawke as well. by then, i just love to see any of the movie they played. but, when i sat down in my room, and started watching it, i was entranced, by the wonderfully comedic and incisive screenplay, the great chemistry of the ensemble cast, and, of course, because in the end, intelligence and true spiritual connection overcome status in society and relationships. another " Love Conquers All, Feel-Good Movie of the Year ". and now... for me, winona is the most cutest girl in the world and ethan is like the most coolest ' grungy ' hunk... you know with his goated chin.
      in a flurry of procrastination, i was searching the web ever since i watched the movie, and discovered that there are no good crazed fan pages for this, one of my all time favorite movies! Although it got a bad rap because of bad marketing, i think it absolutely rules, and i wish it had gotten the attention and kudos it deserved. So, i decided that since i was so upset by the lack of fan pages, i decided to make one.