altruism is a principle of considering the welfare and happiness of others before one's own; unselfishness 
i was at the chatroom one afternoon, a week before my 22nd birthday and one of my chatfriend asked what is my wish for the upcoming birthday. i said that i used to have a feeling of being someone else and i guess i did it in a pretty small way. in the way which is wonderful and at one end very delusioning and it made me stop and re-evaluate everything... not just my principle is about...about everything that kind of goes a long with myself and my life as well. and it made me stop like the very first time of my life and it was a very terrorising thing but it makes me realise that i don't really need to look outside of myself to know who i was and that i rather have who i was be extended into my environment around me rather than having the environment to define who i was and how it be reversed. she simply replied saying that my wish is very altruistic. and i'm not saying that i'm an altruist here but i wish that i can be very unselfish to myself and to the individuals and things that relates to myself. and i believe that myself is a great place to start everything with...good or bad...a very nice and safe place and not overly distracted.
html is self-learnt and i must say that because my major is not actually a computer programming related subject. i first have a try writing html when i took a computer class in summer of 98. and i learned the basic html tags and from that i found that writing html is so much fun and making homepage is so much challenging. so i kinda came across with my self-try homepage which is very simple. by then i start to learn it and i must say i was influenced by my senior cikmie.
why blues untuk aku? well, um... like i said i was influenced by the comic itself. so i think it would be a lot more cooler if i could do something with it. and besides it has really to be something or else it would just look like a shit, you know using those webgraphics where you can get it everywhere else on the internet or copy somebody's hardwork. and i use a lot of java scripts which i also learned by myself and i'm sure that sometimes it give me a shit because it sometimes buggy. but i don't actually good at it. but problems may occured and i just wanna learn and that's why i try to put everything i learn inside this webpage. that's the only thing about scripting that  i know. but for the moment i'm learning how to write the CGI scripts.
i learned all this shit from the book. i bought this book titled mastering photoshop 5 for the web by matt straznitskas. a really cool book from a great author who has a very good skill with the photoshop and html. this book deals with html as well. so it's like two different things combined in one book. so go get this book. you won't regret. and so i used the photoshop 5 to create and recreate all the graphics. and i scanned most of the graphics using a very cool scan at the nearest cyber cafe. and for makes my life so much easier, i use netscape composer and edited with java scripts using notepad. and also i used java applets which can be easily download from the internet.
this homepage is not obviously about myself only. this is sort of a tribute page to my friends as well. and i take this small moment of nothingness to say thanks to some of the great peoples out there. the following people have contributed either magic, faith, time, energy, vision, passion, support or friendship in an important and appreciated way: i wanna say thanks to my girlfriend noorzie, my senior cik mie, my friend apai, my 2 chatfriends who being very spiritual about this webpage (they never realised that); emilia and jemy. and i wanna say thanks to mama bintang7 who have been nothing but open hearted and emotionally available and supportive. you all guys are really a good place for me to bring something up and talk with.