" ...and it just a sort of idealism that goes along to resolve the everyday living "

       i have a feeling that every human being has at least one 

quotation or epigram or poem that's crying to be written, 
just as everbody has at least one story. But though many 
of the people ( including myself ) who would like to write 
poems aren't able to make the words rhyme or the lines scan. 
that's why i put up this page called " Heartspace: Poems and 
Epigrams ". Anyone who had a anything in mind like mentioned 
above can send here and let other people read it. 
       it's just a sort of the idealism that goes along with the 
emotional reactions and everyday living because we put into 
them what we feel even if it's just simply a reminder of our 
trueself or our heart or our presence... that's enough for us. you 
know... when other people read it and trying to resolve the true 
meaning of every piece of it. so it's really important if you make 

 send my heartspace