Valley favorites relax with 'Swaffords U.K.'
by Betty Webb

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No, Robin Wilson's "other band"--the Gin Blossoms--isn't breaking up. He just wants to play smaller crowds for a while.

"The Swaffords are a reality check," Wilson explains. "Being in a smaller group keeps me grounded and gives me a chance to be silly. I can go from playing the American Music Awards with millions of viewers one night, to playing to 100 people in Tempe the next night. Those 100 people in Tempe are more fun.

"Besides, this way, there's no lawyers, no back stage green rooms, no egos--and no, heh heh, music critics."

Typical of Wilson's sense of the silly is his "new" band's name--David Swaffords U.K. No one named Swaffords is in the group, although there is a real Dave Swaffords, and old friend of the guys who moved to Seattle and joined a band named Best Kissers in the World.

Wilson, the lead singer, is joined by G. Brian Scott of Dead Hot Workshop, bass; Rick Purcell of Cracker, guitar; and Dan Henzerling, of Grevious Angels, drums.

Happy to leave the songwriting to their "other" bands, the Swaffords play covers of such 80's stars as David Bowie and the Cars.

"If you were working in a record store in the 80's, you'll recognize every song we do," Wilson laughs.

"We may be a cover band, but we're all talented. And we're tasteful."

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