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Question: New Miserable Experience had a lot of songs about drinking. Is there a reason for this?

Robin: Well, there used to be a lot of rampant alcoholism in the group, but we are happy to say that of the three drinkers, partying has stopped. We're very proud of them.

Question: I think you guys are the best!!!!! How did you start to get in show business? What was your big break?

Robin: Our big break was when we were voted "The Best Band in Phoenix" by the local papers and we were sent to Austin, TX to represent the Tempe music scene in the '88 South by Southwest Music Fest.

Question: Are you going to hit Philadelphia on your tour next month?

Robin: Not next month, but we plan to tour extensively for the next two years, so we will certainly be in the Philly area at least a couple times this year.

Question: I read that you made a recording of the song "Rainbow Connection." Where can I buy it?

Robin: That is not true. We never recorded that song. Sorry... It is a great song though.

Question: I love your music..Keep it up!! Any new songs to be released in the very near future?

Robin: Well our entire album will be released tomorrow and we'll be releasing at least 3 videos and singles over the course of the next year.

Question: Are the tour dates posted on your Web site correct?

Robin: Yes. From Ashland to Portland, OR. At least through the end of Feb.

Question: What musical goups do you guys like to listen to?

Robin: We like The Meat Puppets, Oasis, Marshall Crenshaw, Dead Hot Workshop, Jayhawks and Matthew Sweet.

Question: How did you get the name?

Robin: My grandmother would scream "Gin Blossoms" when she would drop a hammer or any heavy object on her foot.

Online Host: Just to be clear, note that the Gin Blossoms don't yet have and official Web site. There is fan stuff on the Web, though.

Question: Robin: I was wondering what you had in mind when you wrote "Seeing Stars". What is it about, and why didn't you guys put it on CIS?

Robin: The song is a hypothetical conversation between myself and my friend Doug and as for why it didn't make the record, we had other songs we liked more. We saved it for B Sides.

Question: What is the story behind the death of a former Gin Blossoms member, that I heard about on the radio about a year and a half ago?

Robin: The story is way too long to tell on line, but tune into the Erin Harty website and she has most of the scoop. Everyone should know how much we miss him. There never would have been a Gin Blossoms without him.

Question: When did the Gin Blossoms first form?

Robin: Our first year was Christmas Day '87 and we immediately began to play 3 to 4 shows a week in Tempe and within a few months we were popular enough to quit our day jobs.

Question: Have you announced a tour schedule for the summer of 1996 yet?

Robin: No, but we're trying to put together a package that includes us and Cracker.

Question: Do you write most of your song from personal experiences?

Robin: Yes. Although some songs maybe based loosely on a phrase from a book or movie, the songs in general are of personal content. It is not very deep though, it is just pop music.

Question: Where is your favorite place to play live?

Robin: On the David Letterman Show or in the Newport Music Hall, Columbus, OH. It is this nations #1 Rock venue. Ohio audiences are the best audiences in the country for Rock and Roll music. The worst place to play is Los Angeles under any circumstances.

Question: Now that I know the title, when will it be in the stores?

Robin: Tomorrow... finally.

Question: Do any of you have a favorite song of your own? Which one?

Robin: My two favorite songs that I've written are "Not Only Numb" on the new record and "Hold Me Down" from NME because it is the only song Doug and I wrote together that ever got recorded. Incidentally, I think the best song that we ever recorded was "Found Out About You" and from the new record is "As Long As It Matters." It perhaps could be the craftiest peice of music we have ever recorded.

Question: Robin, you have an amazing voice. Were you always such a good singer, or did you discover your talent later in life? <:)

Robin: I learned to sing in the car, singing along with Bono on "Under A Blood Red Sky" Of course, this was '86 and U2 was my favorite group at the time, but if I could keep up with Bono, I knew I was on my way.

Question: Are you guys cool?

Robin: We're very cool, we have cool shoes, cool jackets, cool dogs, cool guitars, but bad hair.

Question: Hey Gin's I wanted to know if you are going to have both the Refreshments and Dead Hot Workshop on your tour or how will you work it with the bands?

Robin: Yes, we are taking both Tempe bands on tour with us and in fact, DHW, now owns the van we drove and appeared on the cover of NME, so we will at them when our bus passes them on the deserted highways of America's college towns. I'm to sleep in the van on the tour for old time's sake.

Question: I don't have new album yet, but who does most the writing?

Robin: Jesse and I write the bulk of the tunes, but everyone in the group contributed greatly to the songwriting duties for the new record

Question: What is your goal in performing, why not just record? What do you want out of touring and being on stage?

Robin: First of all, it is really fun to perform - that is where I get the biggest kick out of being onstage. However, touring is a tool for which we promote the sales of our new album, much like videos, and on line interviews. It is all smoke and mirrors designed to trick the consumer into buying the new record. However, it is really good work if you can get it.

Online Host: Well, kiddies, I'm sorry to say we're all out of time. The band's gotta go do RADIO now. Thanks to one and all for the great questions. And thanks to Robin of the GIN BLOSSOMS for spending the time... Even if we are just a heinous tool of the Man.

Robin: Thanks for tuning in. Here we go again! We are going to work really hard this year and we'll see you on the road.

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