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March-April 1994 #3

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Bill and Robin writing here on behalf of our newly established fan network. First of all we apologize for taking so long to get organized. It's not ENTIRELY our fault. It all happened so fast and we were so busy singing Hey Jealousy on TV that it just got out of hand. So we're sorry, we promise to do better.

But now we can finally announce the establishment of the Gee Bees FAN NETWORK. We finally have a system in place that guarantees a response to all your written requests and marks the beginning of a more consistent newsletter. We do read all the letters sent to us and all of your requests will be dealt with.

If you want lyrics, send a Self Addressed Stamped (.52 cents) Business size envelope. If you would like a signed photo, send a Self Addressed Stamped (.52 cents) 8 1/2 x 11 size envelope and you'll get one. We promise.


A special thank you to those who wrote us concerning the passing of Doug Hopkins. Your letters meant a lot to us and his family. Doug will be sorely missed.


Well here we go again. Geez it's actually been five months since we've been on a regular tour. We've done TV, Radio, and other stuff to keep us promoting, but this will be the first tour in a while. We've been writing and working on side projects here in Tempe, but now it's time to get back on some bus and do all that road stuff: Wrigley Field--Oh shit the Cubs will be in Phoenix, chili dogs in Detroit, St. Mark's Pizza in New York, getting record company yahoos to buy us CDs and stuff, Meramac Caverns, The Blue Note in Columbia, The 9:30 club in D.C. (too big to play there now), Spectravision, Jim's Steaks in Philly, peanut butter and jelly, Nintendo golf, concerts, southern girls, free T-shirts, per diums, and master chef Ed Reilly. These are the things we love about touring.

See you on the road...
Robin & Bill

July-August 1994, #4
Greetings from Tempe,

All is well in gbs little universe.

Phil got a new car, Scott and his wife, Laura had another baby girl, Sarah Chantal. Congratulations. Jesse and I have new 8 track ADATS--and Bill, well he can have Mexican food anytime he wants it.

We've been writing, rehearsing a little and in general just enjoying being home before the tour starts. Last week I saw the Pretenders and the Smithereens. Both shows were great and both bands embody what is truly great about Rock and Roll. Also, our buds, Toad the Wet Sprocket have released their new and best record to date. Look for them on tour this summer.

Our old pals and fellow Tempe rockers, DEAD HOT WORKSHOP, have been signed to a major label. VIVA TEMPE! Look for a Dead Hot EP this fall and a full LP next spring.

Our new video for Until I Fall Away is out and very flashy. But you do what ya gotta do. When the tour is over we plan to release a video for Allison Rd. combining live footage with still photography, summing up the last couple years on the road. At last count we've done over 275 live concerts and 10 national TV broadcasts in support of New Miserable Experience. So I have tons of pictures for the video and you can bet that when the tour is over we'll be looking forward to releasing Allison Road and putting this record to sleep. Then, with clear heads and new cars, we'll return to Tempe to start work on the next. Probably to be completed in Spring '95.

For now, we will tour between Cracker and the Spin Doctors, probably the biggest, coolest tour we've done. In the tradition of Bono, I'm going to be trying out a couple of alternate stage personalities. First: there's Monkeyface, who basically just looks frustrated. And my other invention is Mean Boyfriend, who mostly just goes around saying things like "I'm not going to apologize if that's what you want."

Well, maybe not.


Robin Wilson
Tempe, AZ

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