Music has always been a great disapointment to me. Music which is regarded as a pleasing to people, (is manifested to us as air waves that strikes our ears) is more like heartbreak to me. All my favorite people either die, retire or break up just as they're getting good. John Lennon was shot, Kurt Cobain comitted a suicide and the Gin Blossoms stopped before they even really got started. At least Toad The Wet Spocket, Counting Crows,  REM still together for the moment. The break up rumors that had been swirling around the band since late 1996 were true. Gin Blossoms officialy decided to call it quits in the spring of 1997. Four of the five members are continuing to make music however, and have formed two new bands, the Low Watts and the Pharoahs.Blossoms guitarists Jesse and Scott have started a new band (The Low Watts), as have Robin and Phillip (The Swaffords). Both bands have been playing around Tempe, rehearsing and demoing new songs.