Interview on America Online, July 4, 1996

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Online Host: Welcome to Robin Wilson, lead singer of Gin Blossoms!

 Robin: Hello from Bosnia. Happy Fourth of July!

 Online Host: Robin, we've got lots of questions from your fans in the audience!

 Online Host: Here's the first one...

 Question: Hi, guys. Are you doing the whole USO tour? What other countries will you hit on this trip?

 Robin: This is our only show for the USO. But we've been on tour in Europe for three weeks. We've played Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and now Bosnia.

 Question: Will you ever do another "Doug" song?

 Robin: We do some of his songs now, but we have no plans to learn any more of his songs.

 Question: How did you get the name "Gin Blossoms"?

 Robin: It's from a book called "Hollywood Babylon." They are the big red zits that W.C. Fields got on his nose from drinking.

 Question: Are you all going to play the HFStival next year?

 Robin: Hopefully, we'll still be that cool next year.

 Question: I'm not real big on music of other countries what's it like?

 Robin: Here in Europe, it's much more dance oriented and they have this strange fascination with bad German rap bands.

 Question: Are you doing a US tour soon? When will you be in the New York area?

 Robin: We're playing with the Goo Goo Dolls starting in August and we'll be headlining that tour and we'll be mixing it up with support dates with Neil Young. We are playing Jones Beach with Neil Young. I don't know when.

 Comment: I LOVE YOUR GROUP!!!! Follow you down song is the best!!!!!!

 Robin: Thank you.

 Question: When are you coming to Chicago??

 Robin: I'm not sure, but we'll tour the States from August through October.

 Question: What did it look like in Bosnia?

 Robin: Here on the base it seems like a big camp-out. In Yellowstone National Park. Earlier in the helicopter from the air, the countryside is beautiful, but it was very sad to see so many devastated homes.

 Question: HI!!! I really LOVE you guys, especially Jesse :)....I would like to ask you what you guys like to do on your free time?

 Robin: Jesse likes to play golf. Phillip drives his Corvette. Bill collects books. Scott is busy with two kids, and I ride jet skis with my dog.

 Question: Have you talked to any of the troops while over there? How's the morale? I bet it's better since you did your show!!

 Robin: I've talked to ALL the troops and everyone was really excited to celebrate the Fourth with the 49'ers cheerleaders.

 Question: Is Jon Stewart really going to perform the ceremony at Robin's wedding? Does anyone need a date cause I want see Jon Stewart?

 Robin: Yes, Jon is performing the ceremony at my wedding.

 Question: How long have you guys been singing together???

 Robin: Christmas, 1996, is our 9th anniversary.

 Question: Are you going to tour anywhere near Memphis?

 Robin: Yes. We're playing Mud Island with the Goo Goo Dolls sometime between August and September.

 Question: Hey Robin, is Phillip with you?

 Robin: No. He's with the troops and the cheerleaders.

 Question: How did you form your group?

 Robin: From mud and clay.

 Question: Robin, how was the crowd?

 Robin: The rowdiest, most sober, hardest body-surfing, loudest, best crowd we've ever played for. It would have been better if they knew who we were.

 Question: How's the weather in Bosnia?

 Robin: It's just like New York City this time of year.

 Comment: Hey guys Happy 4th!!!!!

 Robin: You, too!

 Comment: I hope it isn't too bad over there. My aunt and uncle are presently in Bosnia working as missionaries.

 Robin: I don't think they've converted any of these troops.

 Question: Are you good friends with Jon Stewart because I've seen you wear his hat and I also saw you guys on his show a long time ago.

 Robin: Yes. Jon is a friend of the band. He's a funny guy and he's going to be much more famous than we are.

 Question: Are you ready to come home yet?

 Robin: I don't want to talk about it in front of the troops.

 Question: Hey, I love your band so much. Any chance that they might tour near New Jersey?? And are you guys single?

 Robin: Yes, we'll be playing in Jersey and Jesse is the only single member of the group.

 Question: Do you guys like Oingo Boingo?

 Robin: Only A Lad was one of my favorite records in high school.

 Comment: You guys are really great, going over there for the troops. Thanks from all of us.

 Question: HI...what is your next project going to be?

 Robin: An extensive tour of Planet Earth.

 Question: Since you've been over there have you ever felt in danger?

 Robin: Only in Oslo, Norway. It seemed to me the Muncie, Indiana of Europe.

 Question: Where are you from originally?

 Robin: I was born in Detroit, but I had the good fortune of growing up in Tempe, Ariz.

 Question: Is the audience reaction different in the high tension setting there?

 Robin: Ya. Much more excited to see a group than any normal concert audience.

 Question: Where did you record your album?

 Robin: Both of our records were recorded in Memphis, Tenn., home of the world's best barbecue. Try Corky's Ribs.

 Question: Why are you in Bosnia?

 Robin: To celebrate the Fourth of July by doing a free show for the troops.

 Question: I had the chance to see you in Houston with the Spin Docs, great show. When are you coming back this way????

 Robin: I don't have the tour dates with me, but we're planning to stop in Texas in October.

 Question: How much longer will you be overseas? When will you be back to the USA?

 Robin: I don't want to say in front of the troops. They are going to be here much longer than we are.

 Question: It's great that you are in Bosnia to boost the troops' spirits...and the fact that you are there on July 4th... Do you do a lot of benefit concerts.. if so... where else?

 Robin: Yes, every year we do a show for Camp Hakuna Mattata. It's a summer camp for children suffering with HIV.

 Comment: Your music is great!! I love your new CD!

 Robin: Thank you very much. Happy Fourth of July.

 Question: Hey, remember when you played Montreal and there was a group of us who kept asking you to play Cajun song why didn't you?

 Robin: Start your own band.

 Question: I saw the Gin Blossoms perform "Wait" at the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. I was wondering what influence, if any, the Beatles have had on their musical careers?

 Robin: Just about everything we do, the Beatles did first. My favorite Beatles' record is "Rubber Soul."

 Question: How have the troops reacted to your volunteering for the USO and playing for them in Bosnia?

 Robin: Everyone's been great, especially when the 49'ers Cheerleaders are on stage.

 Question: How could I get a live recording of you guys doing "Jealousy"? It's the greatest.

 Robin: There are bootlegs out there. Look for a CD called "In Bloom." It's a live concert bootlegged on CD.

 Question: Are you guys disappointed with how Congratulations I'm Sorry is doing??? its no Million copies seller like NME

 Robin: Actually, we've sold 700,000 copies so far and my personal goal is only to sell 1 million, so I think we're kicking ass.

 Question: Hey Gin Blossoms, is this just a gig to get money or are you doing this for fun?

 Robin: Do you think the Army is going to pay us for this?

 Question: Are you staying on the Tuzla air base--or off base? ...and how are the accommodations?

 Robin: We're only here for the day.

 Question: What songs are you playing for the troops

 Robin: Everything but the slow ones. The cheerleaders can't dance to those.

 Question: I love the song "As Long As It Matters" where did it originate from?

 Robin: Jesse wrote the chorus and sang it to me over the phone. I wrote the lyrics and the song was done by 11 a.m. one Saturday morning.

 Question: What's your favorite color Robin?

 Robin: I have three: red, white and blue.

 Question: What was the inspiration for "Jealousy"?

 Robin: Doug wanted to sleep with an ex-girlfriend and he knew he never could so he wrote a song about it.

 Comment: I saw you at RIT in March and you guys rocked....

 Robin: Ya, we love playing gymnasiums, hockey rinks and now we've played several soccer stadiums.

 Question: When are you coming out with a new CD??

 Robin: We have to milk the current one for a while.

 Question: Are you making any new videos?

 Robin: Yes, we just completed a video, "As Long As It Matters."

 Question: Do you like touring with the Goo Goo Dolls?

 Robin: We haven't started the tour yet, but they are one of my favorite bands.

 Question: Will you guys be doing any live broadcast shows on the current tour??

 Robin: We were on Belgium TV the other day. It looked like the audience from "America's Funniest Home Videos." My grandparents would have fit right in.

 Question: How do you like Europe so far. I plan on taking a vacation there this winter.

 Robin: Stockholm is my favorite. When in Amsterdam, visit the Bulldog. Germany has the best food. And Oslo, Norway, is the Muncie, Ind., of Europe.

 Question: What song are you going to release next as a single?

 Robin: After "As Long as it Matters," we're not sure. But we're not through with this record.

 Question: How long does it take to write a song and where do you get the ideas?

 Robin: Sometimes it takes weeks and sometimes they are done in a few moments, kind of like on-line interviews.

 Online Host: We have time for one more question...

 Question: Are your audiences as big in Bosnia as they are in the USA?

 Robin: Bigger than our show in Muncie. We've never done a USO show before, but I'm sure we'll do them again.

 Online Host: Unfortunately, we've run out of time. Thanks for joining us today, Gin Blossoms!

 Robin: Happy Fourth of July. If you know anyone here serving in Bosnia, write them a letter.

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