" and it's just another version of you and me in this superstituos spirit to overcome something we dreamed off but never be completed... "
     blues untuk aku is a local episodic comic story created by a cartoonist Aie of Ujang. The story is about a guy name sahak who worked as a full time cartoonist by his own but refuses to work under any art company. the stories are mostly related to sahak's life in searching for the true meaning of life. the story is blended with a situation like a jobs, family-bondage, friends and not to mentioned love. sahak is kinda guy who is sort of grungy in appearance which i admire so much. 
     i like the artwork by the cartoonist Aie himself. his early works includes the story titled aku hidup dalam blues which have the influenced from the movie reality bites. a bit similiar. but the story of blues untuk aku is totally different from what we see. i like the artwork by Aie very much, and as i believe that there's a lot of reader who definitely fascinated by the story or the artwork itself and because lack of homepage or website about blues untuk aku, so i have decided to put up one. i have no copyright to do so but i just a fan of this comic strip. so please don't complicated things. 
    and i don't have a lot of collection of these artworks but i'm looking foward to add up here when i have time or contribution from the people. so therefore, i was also put up some of my artwork using the photoshop just for fun. my artwork may either relates to the blues untuk aku or not. but anyway, i hope you will take look at it. and click here to start viewing the images.