and this is my housemate and my
roomate as well named jamil jago.
but all of us call him metor. but some
of my seniors like to call him atot. but
i hate it. he's from sarawak and
coincidently, he and esty was a
schoolmates of kolej DPAH abdillah in
sarawak. now he's studying in
hanyang university, the student of
electronic, electrical, computer and
control engineering just like i am.
     and this is one nice old guy for a
younger man. mr. sung. my favorite
teacher in PPP/ITM. he is a korean
( sure he is ). he teached us physics.
i love physics subject very much. 
now he's got back to korea and from
what i heard, he's continue teaching.
i never met him here in korea which
is unfortunate. but, may be before i
graduate, i'll keep my finger cross to
see him again.