this is esty mohd. yusuf, the
only girl in our group. since esty
don't have a nick name, so we
thought it will be just cool if we
just call her esty. esty is from
sarawak. esty is now at studying
at hanyang university in ansan.
and esty is the same course with
me which is in the same
department. just that esty is
majoring in control engineering.
i used to take the same classes
with esty as well.
      and this is muhammad zahir 
hassan. so his name 'zahir' was 
manipulated and become jube 
i don't know why and i never ask 
him how's it all turned that way. 
but anyway, jube is from kedah. 
he used to study in SBP sultan 
muhammad jiwa, a very well  
known school. now jube is  
studying in seoul national 
university, the student of 
mechanical engineering.