" i made the biggest mistake in my life as nobody know it and i feel fine... "
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batch 4 is the last group of malaysian students in south korea. we are kind of the forth generation of malaysian students who have been studying in here. we are the scholarship students who being sponsored by the public service department under the malaysian government. and this program is under the look east policy program for which malaysian students are sent to japan as well as south korea. before came to south korea, we learned korean language at the language center of ITM but we was under the PPP/ITM which located in shah alam, malaysia. PPP/ITM is the students preparatory centre for the students who are going to study abroad, and here is where we all met for the very first time of our life in 1995. we learned korean language and other science subjects for an about 20 months before left to south korea. so now all of us are studying in south korea to complete our first degree and probably we gonna pack our things up and go back to malaysia again in the beginning of 2001.