this is cafery jasni but we call 
him apai and he's from sabah. apai 
went to SBP sabah which is a  
border school before he was offered 
to continue his study in south korea. 
and now he is one of the student 
of mechanical engineering school in 
hanyang university. he was my  
housemate but now he lives across 
the street of my place.


       obviously i'm one of the batch 4  
member. and all the members call me  
mack. i went to sekolah menengah  
datuk haji mohammad nor ahmad 
then after the SPM exam i was  
offered by the JPA to continue my  
study in south korea. now i'm the  
student of the school of electronic,  
electrical, computer and control  
engineering of hanyang university  
which located in ansan city. my  
major is electrical power engineering