" i wouldn't have cowered for fear of having my eyes scratched out!... "   


   " i think that writing about the certain things on my self-conscious 
is a natural place for me to come from... " 

   " and i feel very safe when i'm writing my music. so i think because  
i allow myself to feel it and write about it, it no longer hold the mean  
i can dissolve it through the writing of my songs and i can actually be  
peaceful because of it. and i think that if i didn't acknowledge it wether  
in conversation or through my music that i would manifest itself for my  
everyday living... " 
    " but i love communicating and because i love communicating it 
resolves in my resolving a lot of things with people and myself... "  
    " so i don't really feel the need to be overly reaction in everywhere  
else as i feel my music is a really great place to do that... safe... it's not  
overly destructive... " ---alanis morissette.

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